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I've Got 39 Mother's Day Gifts & a Bouquet Ain't One

May  5, 2017

Hey hey, the 14th of May (otherwise known as Mother's Day) is nigh! You might be planning breakfast in bed (or a phone call if you're long distance), but if you're looking to surprise her with a little something extra, we've got 39 ideas ahead.

1. A wreath that could double as a fairy crown (and a subscription to match).

2. The essential tote so essential it's called the Essential Tote.

Jeni's Ice Cream Pint Club
Underwood Wines in a Can (4-Packs)

3. 12 pints of creamy, dreamy, off-the-vanilla-path ice cream (Savannah Buttermint!), all year long. If you just want a single, Jeni's has a Mother's Day Collection, including one pint of Chamomile Chardonnay—a super small batch they ran off just for mamas.

4. Wine in a can. (Yes, there is a rosé one.)

5. A day pack named after a pastry, and in a zillion colors. For packing baby wipes, or snacks for a hike, or a stack of books to return to the library.

6. The best live album from one of the best voices. You gotta R-E-S-P-E-C-T Aretha. (Free gift alert: Just send her the Spotify link!)

Doughnut Macaroon Backpack
Aretha Franklin, Live at Fillmore West

7. A flower book full of saturated technicolor photos she can sink into. Open and aaaaah.

8. An herb-stuffed, sauna-like facial steam—without having to sit next to a naked person. Fennel, rose, licorice... breathe in.

Foraged Flora
Mullein & Sparrow Facial Steam

9–12. Vintage canning jars. Vintage stoneware bottles. Vintage bread boards. Vintage champagne coupes. (Anything vintage is good.)

13. Waterproof tunes for swimming, lap after lap (side stroke included).

14. A wireless speaker that totes around in your bag—fire up the Rihanna, yeah?

Underwater Audio Swimming Headphones
Oontz Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

15. Soft-as-a-lamb terry cloth bath towels made in Japan.

16. The fry pans the pros use, now for the home kitchen (and made in Italy). The New York Times loves these, too.

17. Rustic pillow covers because everyone should have more pillows.

18. Peek-a-boo teapots made genius with a built-in strainer.

19. Lil' honey sticks, to squeeze in said tea, or for a sweet standalone snack.

Bee Local Honey Sticks from Jacobsen Salt Co.
Helen Levi Ceramic Creamer

20. A swirly, whirly handmade creamer with beachy vibes.

21. Tea on the run.

22. Paddleball so chic it belongs on a European beach.

23. The hairbrush to end all hairbrushes.

Par Avion Paddleball Set
Mason Pearson Hairbrush

24. "Have you heard about this Outdoor Voices? I saw in the New York Times that it's the hip brand." Oh, Mom. (Get her the comfy sweats, natch.)

25. She can wear her sweatpants to a yoga, pilates, or a boxing class set up like a nightclub (really) with a subscription to ClassPass.

Outdoor Voices Sweats
ClassPass Subscription

26. Digestible (pun intended) Short Stack single-subject cookbooks. Is she more Peaches or Proscuitto?

27. Groovy custom photobooks, for bragging (look at what my kids are doing).

Parabo Press Photo Book

28–31. Cookbooks, even if just to look at. Some of our favorites:

32–35. Candles. Cliché? Maybe. Great-smelling? Absolutely.

Le Labo Laurier 62 Candle
Maison Louis Marie No.03 L'Etang Noir Candle

36–39. Homes for plants. Just add plants.

Mini Planters with a Face
Mid Century Planter

What are you giving to your mom for Mother's Day this year?

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Olivia Bloom

Written by: Olivia Bloom

Has a soft spot for string cheese.


jesi May 5, 2017
I love your gift guides (and Food52 in general... I read your articles and check out recipes weekly, at minimum). They're always packed with such fun, unique, well-crafted items, and your Mother's Day edition is no exception. One suggestion, from a fan: why not attach a more positive title to the article? I don't understand the hating on bouquets (or flowers of any kind). I know that some appreciate them more than others, and some not at all, but why not focus on the gifts that you're featuring instead of the one thing that you're not?
Full disclosure: I'm a florist and flower-lover. I know not everyone enjoys a perishable gift. My mom is getting a beeswax candle that I hand poured, a mug from a favorite potter.... and a big ol' bouquet that will make her feel like royalty for a week.
Anyways, I really appreciate you guys. Keep the great content coming!
BerryBaby May 5, 2017
My dear daughter's tradition is gifting me tomato plants. We enjoy this gift the entire summer!
What's incredibly fun are the varieties which are always unique.
The best gift? Spending time with her. 💕