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New to Baking? Try This Bread First (Says Uri Scheft)

May 11, 2017

Our Baking Club is baking their way through Uri Scheft's Breaking Breads all month long, and so far, three breads are rising (heh) to the top of everyone's to-bake lists: challah, focaccia, and kubaneh. Read on to see photos from our club members and get Scheft's recipes for them, too.

However, if you join our Baking Club, you can get more than just recipes—Uri Scheft himself has joined and is taking questions from the group. Lindsay Sowa asked, "What would you suggest as a good recipe to start with as an introduction to your book, that will help bakers familiarize themselves with your writing style and instruction?" Scheft enthusiastically replied, "Challah!" So you especially won't want to miss his recently shared recipe for Sticky Pull-Apart Challah Braid.

Want to get in on the action and ask Scheft a question yourself? Head here.


@urischeft 's Marzipan challah in the making #baking #challah #f52bakingclub #marzipan

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Photo by Yukako Asai
Photo by Solveig Malvik


Photo by Stanca Lucaciu
Photo by Joy Huang


Photo by Brooke Baldi
Photo by Oliver Randall III
Photo by Joyce Wah

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