8 Tempting Reasons to Cook Through Ottolenghi's Books With Us

June  9, 2017

All through June, our Cookbook Club is focused on Yotam Ottolenghi. Normally we focus on one cookbook at a time, but this month we're all in on Ottolenghi—any (or all!) of his books are fair game to cook through.

There's still plenty* of time to join in, so if you're new to the Club, head here for more about how to join in, plus get over a dozen of Ottolenghi's recipes to get you started. But in the meantime, whet your appetite with these photos of what our members have been whipping up so far:

*Or should we say Plenty More? Eh, eh?

Falafel and pita bread. I don't think there's been a time I cooked falafel, pita, and humus all at the same time. I don't think I've ever liked falafel-maybe because I have never tried delicious ones-I've always thought they were a bit dry, the crust thick and hard-like hush puppies-also not really my thing but my family orders them when we go out and eat. When a friend cooked falafel couple weeks ago-she cooked with lentils-and we had them as a wrap with roasted vegetables, humus, tzaziki, they tasted pretty good. So I got interested in making it. Recipe from #jerusalemcookbook @ottolenghi I never used dried chickpeas before-but I did for the falafel-and they tasted different. Freshly fried, crust is just about right, flavorful, crispy, fluffy, and tasty! With homemade pita and humus, they were quite delicious. I made some with lettuces and cucumbers some with roasted vegetables. Also drizzled a little bit of sirracha. ファラフェルとピタ。焼きたてのピタパンは子供達が大好きであっという間に完食。ファラフェルはパサパサしている記憶があって美味しいファラフェルを食べたことないからかあまり好きではないのだけれどこの間ラップにして食べてみたら案外いけてて、作ってみたくなり、ひよこ豆で作ってみました。熱々のピタフムスと一緒に食べると美味しい!#food52 #f52grams #homecooked #homebaked #falafel #pita #roastedveggies #humus #f52cookbookclub #huffpostfood #huffpostaste #eattheworld #beautifulcuisines #yahoofood #gloobyfood #foodpic #instafood #chickpeas #foodgawker #buzzfeast #buzzfeedfood #dinnerisserved #heresmyfood #ファラフェル #ピタパン #フムス #アメリカ生活 #おうちごはん #おうちパン

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