How To Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs

May  5, 2011

Soft Scrambled Eggs

In the video below, Amanda & Merrill demonstrate for The Today Show's Cooking School series how to make scrambled eggs that are anything but dry.

For an extra tutorial, you can always refer to merrill's Soft Scrambled Eggs

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You can also watch a larger version of the video -- which was shot and edited by the multi-talented Katie Quinn -- here.



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eatandrelish May 9, 2011
I am OBSESSED with eggs done this way - for anyone in NYC, Maialino has the most delicious black pepper and pecorino scrambled eggs. Each time I go there for brunch I swear Ill try something new.....but each time its a mimosa and those EGGS! swoon. love love love!
msitter May 9, 2011
In ramp season these eggs get even better. The addition of cleaned and julienned ramp leaves/bulbs warmed in butter in a separate pan and then added to the eggs as they solidify is really special. I know because I had the eggs for breakfast everyday last week.
smacarol May 8, 2011
They're really just as good and creamy if you only add a half-eggshell of water (per 3 eggs) and use non-stick spray to "butter" the non-stick pan. I know it sounds like heresy but if you move the beaten eggs around the same way they come out just as creamy and just as delicious and with a few less calories and a lot less fat. Eggs are really good on their own (but with a little salt too of course).
edamame2003 May 7, 2011
thank you for all your dull kitchen task videos! all things you take for granted in the kitchen that could be improved. love them--when do onions go in if you like them very cooked and sweet? i may have to food pickle that one...
kcrose210 May 6, 2011
the only thing missing is paprika!
Jaynie64 May 6, 2011
I think that the right way to cook eggs is the way you like them. I know, how pedestrian of me. It's amazing how the creamy way is always shown as the correct way to cook scrambled eggs, yet I don't know anybody who will eat them that way. Who exactly is the person that decided this is the correct way? Can you tell I don't like my eggs this way? But neither do I like them dry or to show any browning. I stop as soon as the goo factor has left, leaving light, fluffy, moist scrambled eggs.
Mr_Vittles May 6, 2011
This is really a nice way to make them. I, however, prefer those rubbery style eggs, I know blasphemous. When I make scrambled eggs, I like to crack eggs into a bowl and leave them alone, heat a non-stick skillet on medium heat, add butter, foam butter, add eggs, poke yolks, stir around every 3 seconds (I like having bits of white and yolk in my scrambled eggs), pull when the eggs look a little moist (I definitely agree on this point), and plate, dust with salt and pepper. DONE.
sygyzy May 5, 2011
It's amazing how terrible the typical person is at making eggs. I made a comment recently about only wanting eggs for breakfast if they are done right and the people in my party laughed at what they considered a ludicrous comment. The fact is, most people suck at making eggs correctly. Keyword: correctly. I think part of the reason is many people just don't like the texture or taste of eggs. In the case of scrambled eggs, most people overcook them. It's supposed to be like a custard, not like a solid rubber mass.
TylerYork May 5, 2011
I thought I made scrambled eggs perfectly already, but I definitely overestimated myself :)