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The World’s First Boozy Cold Brew Could Be Coming to a Store Near You

June 21, 2017

If frozen rosé was the drink of summer 2016, this year’s answer to the heat is Bad Larry's Cold Hard Brew — a new kind of cold brew that’s also six percent ABV.

Made in Wisconsin from locally-sourced, nitrogen-infused cold brew, Bad Larry’s is finished off with malt liquor, bringing you the world’s first commercially available alcoholic coffee. One 11.5 ounce can of Bad Larry has 180 milligrams of caffeine, which is just under the amount you’d get from a grande Starbucks cold brew. And just FYI, because of its longer brewing time (overnight at the very least) and greater grind-to-water ratio, cold brew already has more caffeine than your traditional hot coffee.

So far, Cold Hard Brew is sold in liquor stores throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota, and select locations in Arizona and Florida at $10 for a four-pack. And don’t worry — “due to popular demand, [the company is] in the process of working on national distribution,” starting with the Midwest, a rep for Bad Larry’s promises.

In the mean time, let’s not forget about the many other ways we like to spike our summer drinks, like this alcoholic ginger beer, boozy beer float, and of course, Irish coffee.

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Karen Lo

Written by: Karen Lo

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tyrobinson June 21, 2017
So how's this different than vintage Sparks which was also 6% alcohol?