4 Gussied-Up Ways To Do Summer Sausages


4 Gussied-Up Ways To Do Summer Sausages

July 21, 2017

With sausages on the barbie, you have time to focus on—and spice up—your toppings. We partnered with Dietz & Watson to share ways to slather sausages with more than only ketchup and mustard.

Sausage is the type of friend you want at a party. You can dress it up, and it is ready to get going on the grill in a heartbeat. To celebrate all things grilling, we've dreamed up four variations that will make sausages shine this summer as you head toward your next BBQ.

Photo by James Ransom, Graphic by Tim McSweeney


For a bite of Italy, pair smoked beef hot sausages with prosciutto and a slather of homemade pesto. * Chef kiss * Perfecto.


Why do wings have all the fun? For a less messy Buffalo experience, top Buffalo chicken sausage with blue cheese, grainy mustard, and homemade cabbage slaw.


If your party needs a kick, try spicy tomatillo chicken sausage with salsa, cilantro, and cheddar (and a jalapeño if you’re feeling fiery).

Beer Hall

Get ready for the wurst sausage jokes when you serve this beer hall–inspired combo. Top cheddarwurst with grainy mustard, horseradish, and slices of turkey. Oh, and cabbage slaw. Do not forget the cabbage slaw.

What's on your favorite dog this summer? Tell us in the comments below.

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A squirt of this and a slather of that: We partnered with Dietz & Watson for their Choose the Table campaign. See all their sausages, hot dogs, and condiments here.

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BerryBaby July 13, 2017
Live Dietz and Watson ssusages, especially the hot dogs with natural casing. Only use mustard as I only want to taste the dog!
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The issues you’ve raised in this blog are very real. People usually hesitate to write on such topics but you did wonderful work. Keep it up! https://www.thecookings.com/