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Are You Tired of Millennial Pink Yet? Our Shop's Not

July  6, 2017

Oh, Millennial Pink. You ubiquitous color trend, you. Just when we think we've tired of your rose petal, your cheek-pinched, your sunset pinks, you pull us back in. You've gone and kissed every corner of our Shop: crumply, inviting bed sheets, glowy glass bowls, and picket-fence painted wooden spoons and wooden brooms.

Okay, okay, Millennial Pink. You can stay awhile longer.

Food52 Pink Textured Porcelain Dinnerware Set, by Looks Like White, from $52
Food52 Dipped Pinch Bowls (Set of 3), $25; Blush Spoon Rest, $26
Pink Shallow Bowls, from $80
Copper, Brass, and Enamel Colored Louise Bowls, from $50
Pink Glass Cake Stand, from $45
Himalayan Pink Salt Block (Set of 2), $40
Handmade Splatter Wabi Sabi Serveware, from $58
Gold-Dipped Pink Pinch Bowls (Set of 2), $58
Food52 x Hawkins New York Hand-Cut Textured Glass Vases, from $40
Vintage-Inspired French Push Broom, 12.75", from $64
Acrylic Canisters (Set of 3), from $30
Tapered Blush & Petal Candles (Set of 8), $48
Stonewashed Linen Pillow, 22" x 22", Blush, $120
Simple Soft Cotton Waffle Towels, Blush, from $35
Microwavable Nested Storage Bowls, Blush, from $60
Linen Robe, Blush, $160
Copper, Brass & Enamel Colored Louise Trays, Blush, from $50

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Be honest, are you sick of the Millenial Pink thing? Here's a question for you: what's the next Millennial Pink?

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Olivia Bloom

Written by: Olivia Bloom

Has a soft spot for string cheese.