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What Would You Call This New Shade of Blue? Crayola Is Asking

July  6, 2017

In major color news that will change the arts and crafts landscape for school-age children (and adult coloring book enthusiasts) everywhere, Crayola has finally narrowed down the picks for its newest blue crayon, a bold hue known as YInMn Blue, first discovered in 2009 by chemist Mas Subramanian at Oregon State University. But, they need your help naming it.

Photo by Crayola

The final five, fan-chosen contenders, as they stand: "Dreams Come Blue", "Star Spangled Blue," "Blue Moon Bliss," "Reach for the Stars," and "Bluetiful."

Earlier this year, the storied crayon manufacturer announced it would bid farewell to Dandelion, a “jolly good yellow” that even enjoyed its own retirement tour after 27 dutiful years of service.

“We are a company all about kids, creativity and color, so we strive to keep our color palette innovative and on-trend,” Crayola CEO and President Smith Holland said in a statement after the initial news. “The new blue crayon color will help Crayola to continue to inspire kids and kids at heart, to create everything imaginable.”

We will be keeping a close eye on the top contender to emerge from what is sure to be a divisive race. Fans have from now until Aug. 31 to cast their votes before the official name is announced in September.

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Top Comment:
“YInMn Blue. You don't need to baby talk everything to kids, they are good enough to know the real name of the blue - and it is a pretty name too!”
— foofaraw

What are your thoughts on Dandelion retiring and which blue will you be voting for? Share your choice with us below!

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foofaraw July 7, 2018
YInMn Blue. You don't need to baby talk everything to kids, they are good enough to know the real name of the blue - and it is a pretty name too!
Nancy July 7, 2017
In practice is anyone (kid or adult) going to use a three-word name?
Of the finalists, therefore, bluetiful.
Would have called it sapphire, myself.
foofaraw July 7, 2017
I would actually prefer its actual name, Yin Min Blue, catchy and provides chance of spurring educational discussion with kids.
Dena D. July 6, 2017
Deep Sea Blue
Beth July 6, 2017
Isn't this just royal blue?
BerryBaby July 6, 2017
The first name that struck me , pretty simple, BlueBerry.
Hana A. July 6, 2017
What a great suggestion! Simple is often best, thanks for commenting.
shelley July 6, 2017
'The Bluest Eye'
Hana A. July 6, 2017
Love that, shelley!
mark W. July 6, 2017
I agree, the choices aren't very creative. Why isn't it named for something that is actually blue? Or how about a play on the chemist's name and call it "Submarine Blue"
Hana A. July 6, 2017
How clever! Love that idea.
HalfPint July 6, 2017
Not crazy about any of the name choices. Color reminds of Smurfs. I vote for "Smurf Blue".
Hana A. July 6, 2017
Too funny and kind of true. ;) Thanks for commenting!