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A New Way To Frosé (Without A Blender!)

July 21, 2017

I’ll admit, I was a little proud of my heat tolerance when I moved to New York. Winter temperatures literally brought me to tears, but I was confident I’d thrive in warmer months. Not that my northern European heritage gave me a leg up... but 22 summers in sticky, inescapable Louisiana heat had to count for something—right?

Wrong. I forgot that despite surviving heat indexes of 100°F, I had the aid of central air conditioning. Here, I walk more than a mile to and from work. At the end of the day, I need to cool down. Fast.

And what’s more refreshing than an ice-cold boozy beverage? Nothing, that’s what. And one I can enjoy minutes after opening the door? It’s a summer miracle.

Rosé ice cubes are the answers to my prayers. It is as simple as picking, pouring, freezing, and waiting. Yes, really. They’re perfect for uncomplicated party cocktails or impromptu movie nights, Or, you know, just to cool off.

Start with fruit

Pick a fruit, any fruit. Whether it’s a half-eaten carton of cherries in your fridge or the farmer’s market raspberries you’ve been flirting with all week. We went with the classic flavor combination of strawberries and lime, but you might want to try melon and basil, lemon and blackberry, or peaches and tarragon. Really, you can’t go wrong. Just make sure it's ripe and free of mold.

The rosé

Rosé is a misunderstood wine. It might be ultra trendy, but good quality rosé exists and can be extremely affordable. Don't go crazy picking anything too complex, though—the cubes are only a component in the cocktail and a more refined wine can easily get lost.

The container

When making flavored ice, you want a tray that is easy removal and won’t spill in the freezer. We used our ice cube trays from W&P Design, which have a stainless steel frame that runs along the top of the tray so they won't slosh or spill on the way to the freezer. Plus, the frame gives something to press against when popping out the cubes. But feel free to use whatever you have at home.


After filling each cube with fruit and rosé, chill until frozen solid—our cubes took 6 hours—then top with prosecco (or any sparkling wine). The result is a refreshing, flavorful cocktail that tastes like summer.

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Nancy L. August 2, 2017
Those Peak ice cube trays are da bomb!
JoDale August 2, 2017
What a great idea! These will definitely become a staple in my freezer for the rest of the summer, along with one of my other favorites---frozen lemon and lime slices in lemonade cubes.
Jane K. July 21, 2017
these are beautiful Katie!