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The Oh-So-Simple Chicken Dinner(s) We Showed Off on the TODAY Show

August  8, 2017

Recipes are wonderful. They guide you through the twists and turns of forgotten dishes or new cuisines. But as much as we love recipes at Food52, we might love (not)recipes even more. Why? Because making your favorite food without instructions, concrete times, or exact measurements allows greater exploration and learning. (Not)recipes teach you the basics, then encourage you to run wild. Don’t have a specific ingredient? A-ok! Don’t feel like mincing? Rough chop away! Want to substitute a different protein? Be our guest!

Today, our founders Amanda and Merrill woke up bright and early to bring the joy of not-recipes to the Today Show, turning a crispy, one-pan chicken into two different 5-ingredient meals. The beauty of the chicken is that you don’t need to sear, roast, or grill it. Instead, the "bottom-up cooking" method involves laying chicken, skin side down, in a barely hot pan, and leaving it alone for about 30 minutes (flipping once). Amanda put the super-crispy chicken to work in a grain bowl, while Merrill did a riff on her mom's classic warm chicken salad.

For even further proof that this isn’t a one-trick chicken, watch and learn how to make three different 5-ingredient (or less) pan sauces, from a simple lemon glaze to a faster way to get blistered tomatoes and garlic. The variations are endless!

Did you see Amanda and Merrill on the Today Show? What’s your favorite way to riff on a chicken dinner?

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John M. February 21, 2018
Formulas are magnificent. They direct you through the turns and turns of overlooked dishes or new cooking styles.

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Eileen August 11, 2017
Great ideas. thanks.

This works in a 400 degree oven too, and you can add small potatoes to the pan (and rosemary branches and whole garlic cloves).
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BerryBaby August 8, 2017
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