The New Emojis to Expect in 2018

August 11, 2017

Relegated to the emoji food section, one would never go hungry; the digitized culinary options are more than plenty. But we live in a hungry—in more ways than one—age, where enough is never enough, and more is always on the horizon. Thus, we welcome with open arms the newest (potential) crop of food emojis.

Without any time to process 2017’s emoji package, which includes a bloody red T-bone steak, an empanada, a fortune cookie, and the highly anticipated and well-received pie emoji. For more information on the process of taking an emoji from idea to interface, check out the Burnt Toast podcast episode that follows the journey of the pie emoji.

Unicode, the authority on all things emoji, is in the process of workshopping their 2018 releases. The Emoji Subcomittee has submitted a list of 67 potential options to introduce to our keyboards come summer 2018. The edible options include: a mango, a leafy green, a bagel, a mooncake, a cupcake and a salt shaker.

The Emoji Subcommittee writes extensive histories and descriptions for each illustration. Particularly informative were the one's for bagel and mooncake. If you've got a second, give them a read.

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