The Rainbow Cake That Deserves a Double Tap

The multicolor dessert all over Instagram.

August 18, 2017

Feast your eyes on the newest multicolor item to grace our feeds and our forks: Bouchon Bakery’s rainbow cake is just what we need right now.

The cake, developed by pastry chef Nicholas Bonamico in the summer of 2015, is a nod to both the legalization of same sex marriage and the Italian tricolore cake. Though two years old, Bouchon’s cake is finding itself at the center of renewed attention after a particularly rainbow-friendly summer. And after all this talk of unicorn Frappuccinos and rainbow bagels, I welcome this cake with a poised thumb.

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The cake is truly a marvel to observe. The batter is simple (flour, butter, almond paste, eggs) but the result is decadent. Layers of primary color, in all their ROYGBIV splendor, rest delicately one above the other, interspersed with raspberry and apricot jam. On top is a plane of dusted chocolate, the dark final stop on an otherwise colorful affair.

If you are what you eat, I'm only eating this cake

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A slice goes for $5.50, but reports say that the slice is as filling as it is flashy and recommend splitting a piece between two. If you can't make the journey, the deluge of Instagrams will just have to do. Or, check out this recipe for the Italian cookies Bouchon has been drawing inspiration from:

Do you want to taste the rainbow? Let us know in the comments.

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BerryBaby August 18, 2017
The Italian Seven Layered is still my favorite. Although these are quite vivid, flavor seems as though its very similar.
Allison W. August 18, 2017
I recently made these Matcha Hibiscus Cheesecake Bites that someone said reminded me of these rainbow cakes! Thought I would share:
nancy E. August 18, 2017
can all that food dye be good for you?