Good & Great Foods to Drown in Milk

September 10, 2017

When milk’s involved, magic happens. We’re partnering with Milk Life to learn all about the essential role the farm-fresh beverage plays in elevating everyday recipes—and sharing recipes, tools, and tips for incorporating milk’s rich and smooth texture into wholesome at-home cooking. Read up here.

Cereal fits in milk: It’s just how it is, like cats on windowsills, children in snow, the reason to milk’s rhyme. Cereal is an obvious milk pairing, but there are others that fit just as well, if less obviously: Buttery-sweet toast, for example, or frozen fruit. A drenching in creamy, dairy milk saves day-old or just plain dry cake or cornbread. And a bowl of cookies with milk poured over them is like cutting straight to the part (the best part!) where your over-enthusiastic cookie-dunking leaves you with cookie bits at the bottom of your glass.

What’s your milk-drowned pleasure? Tell us in the comments, and see ours in the video below:

Make magic with milk this fall. We're partnering with Milk Life to learn all about milk and the incredible things cows can do—and arming you with recipes, tools, and tips for making use of milk’s superpowers while we’re at it. Have a look at just how essential its seat at the table is here.

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    Neha Sharma
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    Red Sapphire
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Neha S. April 29, 2018
Thanks for great information,Really this post is interesting,I always appreciate such type of posts, I think the work done by the author is really great.
Red S. December 17, 2017
Niki December 15, 2017
This video makes me extremely anxious,,,,,, milk splatters everywhere, do not recommend such dangerous pouring tactics, 0/10
Andrew September 17, 2017
"When milk's involved, magic happens" and by 'magic' we mean the systematic rape, child-kidnapping, imprisonment and abuse of innocents.
Andrew September 17, 2017
"When milk's involved, magic happens" and by 'magic' we mean the systematic rape, child-kidnapping, imprisonment and abuse of innocents.
Andrew September 17, 2017
"When milk's involved, magic happens" and by 'magic' we mean the systematic rape, child-kidnapping, imprisonment and abuse of innocents.
steve September 18, 2017
We get it.

radovanovic.rade September 16, 2017
Few of these are very common in mountain Balkans. My favorite missing from here is lamb in milk. Whole lamb roasted on the pit on the open fire is very common in the shepherds areas. The leftovers would be cut in small pieces and baked with milk in the oven. Some greens added like spinach or collard greens. It sounds simple but it takes some skill to make it good. This dish is common in continental Montenegro.
Katherine W. September 15, 2017
My grandma ate peach cobbler with milk on it. I still do it, it's really the only way I eat cobblers. It. is. my favorite food. ever. no contest. I'm always a little secretive about it though. Maybe now I won't have to be :) I'm not the only one!
MarieGlobetrotter September 12, 2017
Belgian speculoos. I think that the only thing I actually like to drown in milk...Unless it's for cooking, in which cas I cook a few things in milk
AntoniaJames September 11, 2017
The milk-drowned pleasure of my childhood -- and one that my kids enjoyed, perhaps more than any baked good, especially for after-school snacks --
was graham crackers, broken into medium sized pieces, with cold whole milk poured over them. It's good with standard grocery-store graham crackers, better with Trader Joe's cat cookies -- chocolate or vanilla -- which require a bit more work to crush, but best with the Alice Medrich graham crackers
Another favorite when traveling is the ultimate dunking / drowning treat: biscotti of any kind, but frankly, I love the classic almond for this purpose. I rarely snack, but when I do, I'm usually in need of protein at the same time, so milk fills the bill perfectly. With a touch of coffee splashed into the milk for flavor -- what we called "miffee" as a kid. and which I still adore -- it can't be beat.
All of the above best with fresh milk delivered in glass bottles to your door 3 times a week from a dairy "down in the valley" (in our case, the Shenandoah Valley, about an hour away), as we had growing up. ;o)
creamtea September 11, 2017
Now I have to have all of these... witha glass of miffee.
Thomas A. September 10, 2017
Whole milk over macerated peaches!
CATHERINE F. September 10, 2017
Cinnamon (or any flavor) graham crackers
Ali S. September 10, 2017
GOOD one
Katherine W. September 15, 2017
I'm gonna have to try this one