The Captivating Video of a Matcha Mousse Cake We Can’t Stop Watching

August 23, 2017

There are a few different things you could do with seven minutes of your life. You could boil water for pasta. You could count to 420. You could listen to “Hey Jude” in its entirety. Or you could watch this mesmerizing video of a moussey, gradient matcha cake being made. It will make you swoon, so I advise you choose the last option.

The video is brought to us by Amanda Tastes, a YouTuber living in the UK who makes recipe videos in both Mandarin and English. And while her other videos for spring rolls or popsicles do look delicious, none hold a candle to the captivating visuals of her Matcha Mousse Cake.

Its preparation is surprisingly simple, and Amanda’s video details the process with utmost care. She begins by preparing the spongy green cake base that she cuts into a circle. On top of that, she pours four different mousses in varying degrees of green. Her technique is such that each subsequent layer of mouse falls into the previous without mixing. The result is beautiful concentric circles in shades of green, a matcha bullseye.

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The ingredients are few and accessible (only seven!), and the process made undaunting with Amanda’s guidance. So feel free to make it at home. Or just lose yourself in the tranquil splendor that is the seven minutes of this dreamy confection being made.

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Lynnie September 1, 2017
Amazing and fascinating. For those not sure of what matcha tastes like, it is basically the flavor in things like "green tea ice cream". Me, I LOVE it. True that this could maybe be pulled of w/very concentrated raspberry puree. But I am itching to try it with matcha. The final cake is SO gorgeous. And the technique... not so challenging once you get the proportions down. Do wish it was printed somewhere. Great post. Thank you Food 52. (Hmmm... maybe put this in an upcoming "Genius 52" cookbook? Whic I also love?...yessss.)
Janet R. August 31, 2017
Tell me more about the gelatin sheets....if this is truly "cow-hoof" gelatin, I need a substitute to use for the gelatin sheets.
Babette's S. August 31, 2017
I ditto Dawn & Steven....WOW!!! & AWESOME!!! Amanda is terrific (and very pretty). I was really in a calm zone watching the video. I know only a couple words of Chinese, but her commentary seems really excellent in her delivery. As others have mentioned, other flavors/colors would be fun. Such simplicity, but beautiful and elegant. I imagine guests would be wowed when served this work of art. I am also imagining it tastes fatastic.
Dawn K. August 24, 2017
WOW! I have matcha, but don't know if I could pull this off. Fascinating!
Steven W. August 24, 2017
Well, that just looks awesome. I have never tasted matcha but I'm game!
Laura August 24, 2017
I have no idea what Match a taste like. But this could also be done with gradient raspberry and lemon too
leloup August 24, 2017
Would be great if the recipe were written out. I'd like to make this, but I'm not particularly interested in watching & taking notes on a 7-min video to get the directions.
Konky's C. August 24, 2017
The recipe is written in a couple places.... I see both the chiffon cake and the mousse recipe right in the video as well as on her youtube video for this...
John August 24, 2017
My wife is from Yunnan and I saw Amanda's channel on her youtube feed and this was one of the first videos I watched!

Will be going back for more!
John August 24, 2017
My wife is from Yunnan and I saw Amanda's channel on her youtube feed and this was one of the first videos I watched!

Will be going back for more!
John August 24, 2017
Hate it when the commenting engine barfs and puts up multiple posts.
Is there a way to nuke one of these ourselves?