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The Most Inviting Textiles You'll Want to Snuggle Down With

September 15, 2017

Earlier this summer, I was smitten with a felt art installation that paid the coziest homage to the ubiquitous New York City bodega. Every item in the temporary exhibit captured my heart with their tactile, down-to-earth allure.

Now, with the crisp call of autumn beckoning, I’m getting ready to swap out some of the easy breezy textiles for more substantial pieces I can burrow down in once the temperatures really start to dip.

Give your lightweight summer linens and blankets a good wash, store them away for next year, and say hello to all the nubby knits, handwoven pillows, warm fleeces, and plush rugs your heart can handle (and a little felt for good measure).

What are your favorite materials and fabrics to get cozy with?

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Hana is the senior lifestyle editor at Food52.