How a Little Prince is Lifting the Sales of...Lentils

September 14, 2017

Sales of French Puy lentils are on the rise, and farmers of the hearty legume have a certain royal tot to thank for their recent success.

Since the Daily Mail reported on September 6 that the four-year-old Prince George of England’s new primary school would feature a menu that served “smoked mackerel on a bed of Puy lentils,” farmers of the food have been overwhelmed by an uptick of attention paid to their crop. Puy lentils, green lentils renowned for their delicate peppery flavor, are sourced from the Puy-en-Velay in Central France. Local producers and distributors have seen nothing short of a frenzy as calls pour in from restaurants and specialty food stores across England and parts of France; they're eager to get their hands on the seed during this moment of increased interest.

As is expected when you’re the child of the Duke of Cambridge, Prince George’s first week of school at Thomas’s Preparatory School in Battersea was met with much fanfare. Images of his school uniform circulated the internet, and if the reaction to the possibility of his consuming lentils doesn’t speak to his formidable influence, then what can?

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Do you feel a fondness for the royal family, a longing for lentils? If all this talk of gourmet cafeteria food has left you feeling hungry inspired, then surf some of our best lentil recipes below and get in on the craze.

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BerryBaby September 19, 2017
Smoked mackerel on a bed of lentils does not sound good to me at all.
Alice N. September 15, 2017
It's Le Puy-en-VELAY not VALEY :)