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The Gordon Ramsay Breakfast Video Taking the Internet By Storm

September 19, 2017

Gordon Ramsay may be British, but he knows his way around a classic American breakfast. In a video, released on his Youtube channel over the weekend, the tempestuous chef shows us a hashbrown hack for the ages and a method for cooking eggs that has me waiting for the weekend. But don’t just take my word for it, the video itself garnered over a million views in a mere 24 hours.

Why is it so special, you ask? Watch to find out.

Ramsay starts off preparing foolproof, crunchy, pancake-style hash browns (think latke meets frittata). I am particularly flummoxed—and fascinated!—by his advice to slip tiny pats of butter around the hash brown’s circumference for particularly crispy edges.

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Then, in a true moment of inspiration, Ramsay advises us, his trusting viewer, to crack eggs directly on top of the giant hashbrown and pop it in the oven. Meanwhile, he chars some bacon in brown sugar, salt, butter, olive oil, sugar, and pepper. He recommends this method for the smoky sweet effect it lends to the breakfast staple.

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Top Comment:
“I think he did that to the bacon as he was cooking in the UK - the bacon there is not smoked or sweetened as it is in the US. He said he liked the US style and was trying to replicate it. ”
— Eldyne P.

He pulls the double layered hash-brown-egg extravaganza out of the oven, adorns it with the freshly browned bacon, and voila, Ramsay’s breakfast boat for brunch lovers is done.

Would you give Gordon’s recipe a spin? Let us know below.

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Amanda September 27, 2017
I've been doing that to my bacon for years! It definitely brings it to a new level. I also recommend doing it with bacon bits to put in a cobb salad or chef's salad of sorts.
Alisha September 25, 2017
I tried this twice! First time I did it as he does in the video, but I didn't get very crispy hash browns. The second time I did it, I only applied salt to the onions and potatoes, mixed well, and let it sit in the strainer for 10 minutes. Then I squeezed out liquid and added other spices. Much better.
I dunno if it's helpful, but I wrote up my understanding (and modifications) of the recipe here:
That pan flip is a lot trickier than he makes it look, too...
Audrey September 23, 2017
Don’t the hash browns get soggy?
Thomas C. September 21, 2017
This is a $600,000.00 Kitchen he had put in when he did the house over
NancyK September 21, 2017
I do similar with chopped onions and roasted grape tomatoes. I'll have to try it with potatoes.
DMS September 21, 2017
Did anyone seem to figure out at what temperature he baked the eggs and hashbrowns? I cannot seem to locate the actual recipe... Thanks!
sonofwilliam September 21, 2017
He has such a relaxed way of cooking. Definitely will try this.
Anyone know what brand/what kind of pans he uses?
Eric S. September 21, 2017
They look like De Buyer pans. I think Mtfer pans look similar, but the handles are spot welded. Lodge also sells a line of carbon steel pans if you want something domestic.
sonofwilliam September 22, 2017
Thanks Eric for the feedback, much appreciated! I've been looking into carbon steel pans for a while now - I've cooked in them once and preparing stuff seemed to require a bit more attention. Fine for the weekends, just a bit more time consuming during the week, I suppose. Thanks again, love this community :)
Laura September 22, 2017
De Buyer makes the best pans. They rust easily if not carefully dried and seasoned. Can't wait to make this tomorrow!
R.B. C. September 21, 2017
What cooktop brand is Gordon using?
Eldyne P. September 20, 2017
I think he did that to the bacon as he was cooking in the UK - the bacon there is not smoked or sweetened as it is in the US. He said he liked the US style and was trying to replicate it.
dw.mackie September 19, 2017
Watching Ramsey make hash browns takes me back to James Peterson's excellent Vegetables cookbook, which has this exact technique for making a "straw potato pancake" aka hash browns...
M September 19, 2017
Love his actual food shows. Wish he could've found the same success and $$ just cooking with his family.