Butternut Squash

Watch How to Make One of Food52-ers' Favorite Fall Recipes

October 25, 2017

Brown butter, squash, baking: Hardly anything screams fall as loud, huh? We partnered with Work Sharp Culinary, purveyor of at-home knife sharpeners, to share—and show you!—a perennial fall favorite at Food52.

Brown butter butternut rolls, brown butter butternut rolls...try saying that ten times fast! And then high-tail it to the market to pick up fall's other famous squash, the butternut, to make these rolls stat. (Pumpkin, who?) A serious hit from the first time our test kitchen tasted them, these yeasted, baked jewels are from longtime Food52 contributor inpatskitchen. Whether for breakfast or a midnight snack—or, really, any moment in between—they're just what the season ordered.

Bask in all the delights that these little dough nuggets have to share:

  • The brown butter amps up the nuttiness factor and makes the rolls soft and buttery.
  • They use up leftover squash from a roasting fest, or if you just have extra chopped and stored in the fridge. Whoever in your crowd has a savory tooth (hello, I'd like to be your friend!) will be mighty happy with these, also thanks to the squash.
  • More butter, the better. Each ball gets rolled in honey brown butter so it'll be slightly sweet and all glisten-y.
  • That honey brown butter? Serve it alongside the rolls once they've come out of the oven. You won't be sorry giving these little poufs an extra swish of it.

Get a load of the rolls in the video below, and then: What are you waiting for? Get kneadin'!

If there isn't an adage about keeping your knives sharp and how it relates to life, there should be. We partnered with Work Sharp Culinary to show you how to make one of our favorite fall baked goods—and why sharp knives are key to the prep. Head here to see Work Sharp's knife sharpeners.

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Tina B. November 1, 2017
If I subbed a GF flour would it come out the same?
Donna C. October 25, 2017
Do you think i could veganized this using an almond milk or coconut milk and a flax egg? My gosh these look good!