Ice Cream Bar Party: A DIY Dessert Course

October 20, 2017

To help you entertain with ease all the way through the dessert course, we've partnered with Klondike®, makers of ice cream treats and a variety of ice cream bars.

There’s something about an interactive, do-it-yourself meal that puts everyone in a good mood: whether taco night, make-your-own spring rolls, or grain bowls with all the fixings, getting your guests involved in cooking (or at least assembling) dinner infuses the whole meal with fun. And the same holds true for dessert.

Ice cream bars in a variety of flavors are the perfect canvas for a creative dessert course: put out bowls of toppings and let your guests dress their own dessert. And like the ice cream socials of yore, the key to success is in the variety of toppings: salty, sweet, fruity, crunchy, and everything in between. A good equation for toppings that'll wow your guests and inspire dessert imaginations looks something like this:

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Ice cream bar + sticky gooey + crunchy nutty + fruity = limitless desserts

The party possibilities are endless!

Have any out-there toppings combinations that you love? What are your favorite ways to top an ice cream bar? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Sara Hayden
    Sara Hayden
  • Christine
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Sara H. October 22, 2017
Dark chocolate/vanilla bar smothered in sliced strawberries. :-)
Christine October 20, 2017
Do you put the tops on right before serving (i.e. the pretzels) so they don't get soggy?