12 Soups to Warm You Up From the Inside Out

October 10, 2017

Recently, I entered a heated debate around what I consider the coziest of foods: soup. While my friends opponents denounced them as watery and lackluster, I found myself defending soups of all varieties. Purees deliver hearty doses of vegetables in their creamiest possible form. Minestrones provide as much warmth as a sweater. Noodle soups are diverse, zany—they take readily any flavor profile you desire. They also have an uncanny ability to cure even my gnarliest of coughs.

My "friends" (could I really trust such soup critics?) held steadfast to an aversion that revealed a shallow understanding of the dish’s full potential. My words alone weren't enough to convince my stubborn debate partners, but maybe some of these recipes will do the trick. This fall, distance yourself from the idea that soups are lazy and uninspired. Instead, embrace soups as varied as pozole, pho, and potato. Try your hand at any—or all—of the soups below whether you're feeling something protein-rich, pureed, or dressed with noodles.


purely purees

House of Carbs

Which way do you lean in the soup debate? Let us know where you weigh in below.

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The Magical Mini Guide
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Valerio Farris

Written by: Valerio Farris

Former staff writer at Food52. Current anchovy eater.


lois October 17, 2017
I LIVE on soup fall thru winter! I cannot pass up a soup cookbook! Never met a soup I didn’t want to devour.... ❤️❤️
Beth October 15, 2017
I could happily live on soup! How could anyone not like soup???
Patty O. October 15, 2017
Thank you, Valerio, for sticking up for the much-maligned SOUP! Start with a mire poix or the trinity, have some deep-flavored homemade chicken stock on hand, some good quality canned tomatoes and a variety of herbs and spices and you are well on your way to literally endless great meals. I totally agree with you. Soup-making day is a GOOD Day for me!
Patty O
BerryBaby October 11, 2017
Ha! Yes, soup! I had commented back in December that soup would be a big trend this year. Although soup is always on my favorite list of things to make year round. Made Pasta e Fagioli this week and next week either black bean or split pea. Love Emeril's carrot soup and I'm sure a hearty chicken noodle will make an appearance soon! BB