This Spectacular Video of a Halloween Pie Will Rattle Your Bones

October 27, 2017

With Halloween around the corner, I turn to the internet for inspiration and entertainment. Last week it was Halloween bento boxes, this week it’s this wondrous pie creation. Just imagine my delight as I internet-happened upon a double-decker "pie-scraper" inspired by the beloved Halloween film A Nightmare Before Christmas.

The two-tiered creation comes to us from Youtuber Pies Are Awesome, whose account is a terrific treasure trove of intricate doughy designs. This particular pie draws inspiration from the Tim Burton animated classic, a spindly-legged skeleton’s tall tale. Check out the video below to see how she brings this pie to life:

I spoke to Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, the person behind the pie, about her Halloween inspiration. Here’s what she had to say: "I've been wanting to try my hand at doing a "Carousel Pie" for some time, but because of the complexity involved (lots of math!) I wanted it to celebrate something really special... The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favourite movies of all time, and when it came time to choose my Halloween pie subject matter, I knew I wanted that to be in the mix. After doing a few sketches, I hit on the idea of something with the characters Lock, Shock and Barrel and it seemed a natural fit for the carousel design I was working on. It took a day to plan and build the armature, and another day to sculpt, bake and assemble all the precisely measured pastry components."

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Clark-Bojin cooks out of her kitchen in Vancouver, Canada, where she’s made it her personal mission to prove to the world that pies can be just as decadent and wondrous as cakes. And I think with this one, she has me convinced.

Does this pie have you fascinated or freaked out? Let us know if you'd have a slice in the comments.


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helpsters January 9, 2020
Vow!Great. Created so cute pie .
judy October 28, 2017
Great artistry. great fun to watch. But certainly more about the model than the pie.
Joan S. October 27, 2017
This was fun to watch! Who would have thought a pie could be so cute!