11 Pizzas That Belong In Your Fall Pie Rotation

October 31, 2017

Yes, we’re entering the season of turkeys, stuffings, rolls, and—most importantly—pies. Maybe you’re already dreaming of Thanksgiving tables studded with warm plates of apple or pumpkin pies, dolloping whipped cream atop pecan or sweet potato slices. I definitely am.

But there’s another, easier pie perfect for the hustle and bustle of the holiday marathon. In the buildup to T-Day, embrace the carb-y comfort of pizza. Instead of sweet pies, try the warmth of ooey-gooey cheesy deep dish, or hearty shallot and goat cheese. Or explore the satisfying crunch of bacon and chewy whole-wheat crust. With pre-made dough, you can throw together a pie in less than an hour—no waiting for dough to chill or par-baking necessary.

So, let those slices of spiced pear and cranberry wait. These 11 savory pies will be your new fall favorites.

Oh, and if you're still pie-eyed

What's your favorite way to top pizza? Does it keep you cozy during colder months?

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Katie is a food writer and editor who loves cheesy puns and cheesy cheese.