10 Pumpkin Pies for Every (Very Loved) Person at Your Thanksgiving Table

November 13, 2015

Your Thanksgiving menu can be as hodge-podgey as the people eating it. Aunt Lou likes lots of booze in her sweet potatoes (and in general), while your mom is more of a purist. So you make two sweet potato dishes—with pleasure. Then your kid comes back from college and he's now vegetarian and reading Marx, but Granny won't let up on the classics. So there will be a lentil loaf and a big ol' turkey and some casual conversation about socialism. 

You can't possibly make everyone happy, so when it comes to pumpkin pie—where, just like your guests, each is special, beloved, and an individual—you can pick favorites. Choose the family member you like best, then choose the recipe they'd like best. Thanksgiving can still be a moment for bonding—and favoritism (love you, Mom!).

For the smiley one: Meta Given's Pumpkin Pie by Genius Recipes

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It's classic, it's wholesome, it's universally appealing, it's really, really good.


For the seductress who's stolen her sister's boyfriend—multiple times: Chai Masala Pumpkin Pie by Tara O'Brady

A little spicy, a little less sweet.


For the "sophisticate" who prefers squab to turkey, kouign amann to doughnuts (and wears an ascot from time to time): Pumpkin Pie with Gingersnap Crust and Cinnamon Whipped Cream by Fresh Beats, Fresh Eats

Just traditional enough to still fit the holiday, but "fancy."


For the big belt-buckle wearing one who slathers gravy on everything (and doesn't understand why you let your kid major in photography): James Beard's Rich Pumpkin Pie by Food52

Cognac-spiked, cream-laden—or, in a word, rich.


For the über cool one: Bourbon Pumpkin Pie by Hillary Pollak

Really about bourbon—but also gluten-free.


For the new addition who's gluten-free and vegan but will have "just a taste" of the stuffing and pie and rolls: You Won't Believe It's Vegan Pumpkin Pie by Gena Hamshaw


For the 2-year-old or the 85-year-old: Pumpkin Pudding (a.k.a. No-Pie Pumpkin Pie) by Alice Medrich

No teeth, no crust, no problem.


For the scatterbrain who brought Christmas gifts: Pumpkin Pie Crumble by bonbonmarie

It's a pie, it's a tart, it's a crumble—all wrapped up in one.


For the thinker-reader who brings a book to the table and doesn't say hello: Artusi's Butternut Squash Pie by Emiko

This alluring 1891 recipe makes you question everything you thought pumpkin pie to be: There's butternut squash, instead of pumpkin, and a crust that veers away from the classic pastry.


For the double-doctorate globetrotter who's been there, done that: Butternut Squash Pie-Cake by Sarah Jampel

It's not just pie—it's pie-cake.

Pick your Thanksgiving battles and pick your pie—which pie will make the cut? Tell us in the comments.

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