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22 Pack-and-Go Dishes For the Road (And Thanksgiving Table)

November  6, 2017

Ideally, you’ve prepped the casseroles, pies, and sauces days (maybe weeks!) before the big Thanksgiving meal. Then, the morning of, you’d simply pull those pans out of the freezer and warm them up as brothers, sisters, cousins, and grandparents walk through the door.

At least that’s my ideal world. But not everyone’s a perfectionist. In fact, embracing the messy, collaborative nature of Thanksgiving is probably more in line with seasonal gratitude. Instead of the host doing everything alone, the best Thanksgiving meals are potlucks where everyone shares the cooking.

If you’re asking (or have been asked) to bring a dish for Thanksgiving, you’ll want something portable and easy to assemble. No delicate tiered cakes or sloshy soups. We’re talking rolls, stuffings, and potatoes—the dishes that can handle bumpy transports and ample time on the counter. Take a gander at our top candidates:





In case you need a little more Thanksgiving help:

What are your transportable Thanksgiving dishes? Share any tips or disaster stories in the comments!

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