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The Perfect Under-$50 Gifts for Everyone on Your List

November 15, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves: We are approaching peak gifting season. Some of us have been waiting all year for this moment, listening to the small hints and clues dropped by our friends and family for the presents they want the most, eager to surprise and get it just right. And some of us... well, let's just say some of us are less organized.

Whatever camp you fall into—whether you have a closet full of already-wrapped gifts ready to go, or are just starting to realize that it's not summer anymore—the reality is that there are people we left off our initial gift lists, or people who have stumped us in identifying the ideal present, or people we just met who we'd like to celebrate with a token of holiday affection. For all these circumstances (and more: Think friendly postal worker, regular barista, favorite colleague, next-door neighbor), we've put together a handy guide to the gifts in our Shop that are all under $50 each. There's something for everyone, without breaking your budget.

For the Top Chef

No home cook is going to say no to a new sauté pan. Or a new ceramic baking dish. Or new potholders. Or a new set of nestable prep bowls. Or...

For the Pro (and Not So Pro) Baker

Whether they're making their own croissants on a Wednesday morning or have just made their first loaf of soda bread, these presents will upgrade their oven game in no time.

For the Perpetual Potluck-er

You know who we're talking about: that friend who always shows up to every party with the perfect snacks or salads or desserts. It's a habit we're not mad about... and in fact, would like to encourage with these gifts.

For the Early Riser

If they're up early, they might as well get the benefit of a delicious homemade breakfast. (That's why people wake up early, right? For the waffles.)

For the Mixologist

Raise a glass to the cocktail connoisseur in your life with these spirited gifts.

For the Coffee-Lover

At home or on the go, the true coffee lover will not compromise their beverage of choice. These two gifts won't either.

For the Tea Drinker

Tea time can happen in the quiet of an afternoon or the crowded bustle of a subway car. Either way, we've got just the thing.

For the Commuter

Whether they travel by train, plane, or automobile, help them get there fully caffeinated, fed, or buzzed.

For the DIY-er

Help them take "homemade" to the next level with these clever kits.

For the Gardener

From the gardener with a serious green thumb to the plant-challenged, these gifts will get them growing.

For the Beer Enthusiast

We recommend you give these gifts to your favorite beer enthusiast, and then start singing, "Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of beer, you take one down, pass it around, ninety-eight bottles of beer on the wall! Ninety-eight bottles of beer on the wall..." Everyone loves that gag, we swear.

For the Cookbook Junkie

Some people collect Precious Moments figurines, others collect cookbooks. (Can you guess which camp the Food52 staff falls into?) No disrespect to porcelain novelties, but we're pretty into these bookish gifts... if that's not bragging.

For the Snacker

Sometimes the best gift is a snack. Because who doesn't like a snack? And sometimes the best gift is a tool for better snacking. Because, as we've already asked: Who doesn't like a snack?

For Someone You Really Don't Know That Well

We've all got someone (or someones) in our life who we don't know that well but we still want to put down on our holiday list. These are the perfect gifts for all those people.

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1 Comment

M November 15, 2017
I can't believe those gin kits are still a thing. They sound cool, until you realize you're spending minimum $50 for basic, cheap things and a recipe card that says, essentially, "Get vodka, add ingredients, strain, and drink."

Some seemingly over-priced bar gifts have value (the cocktail set looks basic, but it's quite difficult to put together a kit that small on your own, and is a great perk to have while travelling).

But this one is, literally, selling cocktail lovers what they already have, or can acquire cheaply and easily. There are countless recipes online to cater to numerous flavour profiles. A basic strainer is a home bar must-have. Old booze bottles can be repurposed (and likely have more visual flair), or people could just use the vodka bottle they have to buy separately. If you are a food DIYer, or even basic cook, you have a funnel and most of the herbs, which are easy to get and cheap.

And really, buying them separately, you could throw in the vodka too for the same price.