A Citrus Salad That's Almost Prettier Than It Tastes

December  7, 2017

Every once in awhile, we plumb the depths of our site for a recipe we think deserves a revisiting. It’s exciting to breath new life into the dishes we love. Recently, we came across the marvel that is Amanda Hesser’s Blood Orange Salad with Olives and thought it was long overdue for a reshoot—and re-taste! I talked to Kristen Miglore, Food52’s Creative Director, about the salad that photographs as impressively as it tastes:

This salad takes almost zero time to put together—you assemble it right on the plate and it makes its own dressing—and yet it can't not look like a pop art masterpiece.

It's focused on exactly the loud colors and flavors we're all pining for by the middle of winter, with no filler ingredients to mute their impact—tart-juicy blood oranges, salty green olives, plus little firecracker pops of piment d'espelette and red onion, sliced so thinly it's almost see-through.

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There are a lot of Food52 classic recipes from the early days that we'll reshoot as our photo style evolves, and to give them some new attention for readers who might not otherwise know about them (and maybe, just maybe, because we secretly just like eating them at photo shoots). This one has snuck back into stories of all kinds, from bringing life to our Shop products to Amanda and Merrill's book A New Way to Dinner to our Bloomingdale's cover spread. It's no wonder, at one of these shoots, that our photographer Mark Weinberg couldn't help but dive in close for a real abstract art shot, just for fun.

Photo by Mark Weinberg

What's your favorite retro Food52 recipe? Let us know the ones you'd like us to revisit in the comments!

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