Kristen Kish's Holiday Menu, According to Our Automagic Menu Maker

December 12, 2017

What will chef Kristen Kish be making for the holidays? An elaborate feast? Drinks and snacks?

Well, according to our Automagic Menu Maker, she'll be whipping up some festive Manhattans and Champagne cocktails, braising oxtail with butter beans, and baking some challah bread. We hope we get an invitation.

Check out a mini version of Kristen's menu below, or head here to see the full spread. Then take a turn at using the Menu Maker yourself!

Now it's your turn! Try the Menu Maker here.

Food52's Automagic Holiday Menu Maker
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Food52's Automagic Holiday Menu Maker

Choose your holiday adventure! Our Automagic Menu Maker is here to help.

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Risottogirl December 13, 2017
How is this different from just scrolling through recipe categories? I don't get it.
Isabelle J. December 13, 2017
I don't understand this menu maker. There don't seem to be any questions to answer, just to click a bunch of recipes. ???