The 5-Minute, 5-Ingredient Breakfast That Gives Oatmeal a Run for Its Money

January 18, 2018

Every so often, we scour the site for cool recipes from our community that we then test, photograph, and feature—this one comes from longtime Food52er Food Blogga.

Think of a warming, weekday-friendly, wintery breakfast—odds are good that oatmeal is the first thing to come to mind. And while that's not a bad thing (oatmeal is hearty, and delicious!), it can lend itself to feeling a little... predictable. (We have an article called 10 Non-Boring Oatmeal Recipes—let's face it, oatmeal has a reputation.)

Luckily, Food Blogga is here to help us all change up our breakfast routine—with couscous. Turns out the dinnertime staple has a sweeter side.

You're 5 minutes away from a better, heartier breakfast. Photo by Julia Gartland

Here's what she has to say about the inspiration behind her Warm & Nutty Breakfast Couscous:

After long Sunday morning hikes, my husband and I love a healthy, satisfying breakfast that is packed with good carbs and protein. This warm and nutty breakfast couscous is a staple for us. It's chock-full of protein-rich seeds and nuts and is sweetened with ground cinnamon and pure maple syrup.

A 5-minute breakfast bowl that can fuel her after a hike is sure to provide a satisfying start to your day, too. If you have trouble finding pepitas, Food Blogga notes that unsalted pumpkin or sunflower seeds make good substitutes. Don't stop there though, this is an ideal recipe to make your own with different spices (cardamom? nutmeg? ginger?) and toppings (fruit? nut butter? granola?).

Tell us what you think: Couscous for breakfast—yes or no?

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