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Dust Off That Scale: It's Time to Start Baking in Grams

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If you already use a scale to measure baking ingredients, congratulations! Because it’s (finally) time to ditch pounds and ounces and go metric. Seriously.

Grams are much smaller measures than ounces—and that’s the beauty of them. You don’t have to know that there are almost 30 grams in ounce, or that 1000 of them equal a kilogram, or do any math whatever, to start using them. Just flip the switch on your scale from ounces to grams and start weighing.

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Here’s why bakers love grams:

1. You can instantly use recipes from (and share them too) the whole world. (Pounds and ounces are used mostly in the US, in case you didn’t know.) When you see an enticing recipe with gram measures, don’t even think of doing the math or using an app to convert to ounces, just flip the switch on your scale, and start weighing grams.

2. Grams are so tiny that there are never fractions (unless you are in a chemistry lab!) to round up or down. Wouldn’t it be easier to read and weigh out "530 grams" on a scale than "1 pound, 2.695 ounces"?

3. It’s easier to notice (and learn from) the ratios of ingredients in a recipe.

4. It’s easy to note down fine changes and recipes adjustments in grams. If you add 10 grams additional cocoa powder to a cake batter, it’s simply 10 grams rather than .352 ounces—which decimal most home baking scales can’t register.

5. Grams are always a measure of weight, never volume, so there is no confusion. Ounces can be a measure of weight or volume—a fact that confounds all new cooks and some old ones, not to mention the entire rest of the world!

Try grams, you’ll like them!

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