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Cook Like Meera Sodha All Week with These 8 Recipes

January 22, 2018

If you haven’t yet wizened to the culinary talent that is Meera Sodha, it’s high time you do. The British author develops recipes, writes cookbooks, and contributes to The Guardian, where she pens a column on vegan cooking. Her two cookbooks Fresh India and Made in India center on a vegetable-forward approach to cooking; her flavors draw influence from the state of Gujarat in Western India.

For a while now, Sodha has been a friend and contributor to the site. You can find her book in our shop and her recipes and writing in our archives. I went ahead and gathered her recipes in one convenient place. Sodha has a knack for consolidating flavors and process, easy dishes that don’t taste like they are. Try her foolproof basmati rice, then layer on to it hearty, smooth curries or stews. I have a personal predilection for her caramelized onion and egg curry—it holds a steady place in my weeknight repertoire.

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