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Bobby Flay’s Faves from Our Shop

February  5, 2018
Photo by Michael Crook

As avid followers of Bobby Flay (and, of course, his Instagram), we couldn’t help but notice that he often praises products from our own humble Shop. Take a quick look at a few of the goodies he loved enough to celebrate in his very own social media space; we’re just as enthusiastic about them.

Bobby Flay’s not the only one who’s into our hot sauce selection, but his shout-out means a lot. The genius of this assortment of Bushwick Kitchen sauces lies in the unexpected marriage of heat with sweet—we especially like to pour their spicy maple syrup on our waffles (and bacon).

We’re downright obsessive about nonstick cookware, so it was exciting to see that the good Mr. Flay appreciated our selection. (The beautiful egg pic didn’t hurt, either!) Get a hold of your own and we’ll help you care for it just right.

We, too, enjoy a good cocktail from time to time, especially after a hearty meal. These cocktail syrups guarantee a fab flavor for your next concoction, whether it be a smoky old-fashioned, a licorice-infused whiskey sour, or beyond.

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What do you think of Bobby Flay’s Shop favorites? And what are your own? Let us know below!

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Gerard Coletta

Written by: Gerard Coletta