4 Recipes that Unlock the Magic of Nonstick Cooking

January  1, 2018

So you've gotten yourself a shiny new nonstick pan, be it ceramic or aluminum or another material. Now it's time to seek out those recipes that'll really pop once you give them the nonstick treatment. Here are a few of our favorites—try them out next time you take your killer skillet for a spin.

Frying an egg, trouble-free, is the classical use for a nonstick pan, and this recipe will let you do it in an unconventional way. Balancing the richness of your yolk with a sharp jolt of vinegar creates a perfect blend—almost as if you've created a breakfast vinaigrette. And your pan will guarantee that the eggs slide right onto your plate with all that bounty of flavor intact.

Nonstick cookware is equally adept for your more elaborate egg dishes. This omelette is simple to make, but its notes of cheddar and kimchi bring both a bold mix of flavor and a delightfully crunchy texture. And that texture will, of course, be perfectly preserved from pan to plate.

Or you can craft the perfect pancakes—for instance, these fluffy, puffy treasures. The secret behind them? Stirring in, not beating, the egg whites. Try it with thick or thin buttermilk, and you'll end up with gorgeous golden-brown circles.

More of a seafood lover? This salmon recipe, with its unconventional take on a classic Vietnamese sauce, can only benefit from holding onto all of its flavors. Ginger, cilantro, scallions, and chilli—sign us up.

What's your favorite recipe to whip up with a nonstick skillet? Let us know below!

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Gerard Coletta

Written by: Gerard Coletta