Watch Cheesy, Garlicky Biscuits Come Together in No Time

February  6, 2018

Posie Harwood found a perfect biscuit recipe on the back of a Davis Baking Powder can. It’s a simple recipe—she recommends it for first-time biscuit makers—and takes no more than 20 minutes. Since first discovering the recipe, Harwood’s put a bit of her own spin on it, sprinkling in garlic powder and easing in cheese. The result? What she calls a “buttery, flaky, garlicky biscuit that’s oozing with cheddar.”

Since her recipe first appeared on the site in 2015, it’s drummed up a good bit of attention for its ease and consistent flavor. One community member had this to say: “These are fantastic! Made them on a whim (had a biscuit craving) and they turned out just right. Gone in seconds.” While another offered up a variation of their own: “Made these for dinner tonight. Very tasty! I did cut back on the butter, though, as I thought 1 cup was a lot. I used 3/4 cup plus a tablespoon or so of extra milk, and they still rose beautifully and oozed butter. Leftovers will be fabulous for breakfast — split, toasted, with eggs on top!” The recipe is so popular, beloved, and tasty that we thought we’d immortalize Harwood’s biscuits in video form. Watch them come together below (and don’t forget to flour your biscuit cutter!):

If Harwood’s recipe, and all this talk of biscuits, has left you feeling inspired, don’t stop now. Delve into the entire wonderful world of biscuits. Here are some recipes and preparations to get you started.

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Susanna February 8, 2018
These look amazing!! and so easy to make!