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This Cooking Legend Is Getting the Award She Deserves

March  5, 2018

Just last week the James Beard Foundation broke the news that Paula Wolfert was to be the recipient of their 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award, an accolade that cements and honors her decades of trailblazing culinary exploration and cookbook authorship. Wolfert has charted a groundbreaking career, one that many credit with bringing the flavors and ingredients of the Mediterranean—and particularly Morocco—into American homes and kitchens.

Wolfert first flirted with Beard recognition in 1994 for her book The Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean. Since then, she’s garnered continued praise and awards—and was even the subject of a recent biography and cookbook. Wolfert, legend that she is, is no stranger to our site. We’ve collected her recipes, interrogated her techniques, even profiled the iconic author and cook. In honor of her award, here’s a look at all the Paula Wolfert our site has to offer:

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An Unforgettable Legacy

Here’s to Paula and her colorful career!

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    Melanie Hartman
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Melanie H. March 6, 2018
I made her cassoulet in the style of Toulouse for Christmas. It was amazing, and well worth the effort!
creamtea March 5, 2018
Her recipe for cured lemons with optional spices (cinnamon bark, whole peppercorns), is the recipe I rely on for that condiment. I like her many recipes for Chicken with lemon and olives. My copy of her Book of Moroccan is dog-eared...