We Can’t Stop Eating Molly Yeh’s Super-Soft, Cakey Cookies

March 16, 2018

What can’t yogurt do? Its bright tang shines in savory soups, spreads, and marinades. And you already know how its subtle sweetness stars in breakfast bowls, smoothies, pastries, and so many frozen treats. Which is why I was thrilled to see the latest Short Stack Edition from Food52 favorite Molly Yeh: Yogurt.

Yeh calls yogurt “the duct tape of dairy products,” and flipping through the 20 recipes, it’s not hard to see why. She puts yogurt to work for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—dolloping spoonfuls into pizza and pita dough, and atop a mujadara volcano or whipped into egg creams. But there’s one recipe that caught my eye in particular—and not just because of its bold color.

“These cookies have got the sour tang of yogurt, the warmth of vanilla, and the fruitiness of raspberry backed up by a hint of almond,” Yeh writes. “They come together so easily and are some of the softest and prettiest cookies in all the land.“

Baking these is a piece of cake. Photo by Molly Yeh

These blushing beauties have a lot of yogurty goodness going on: Inspired by the cakey texture of black and white cookies, Yeh uses yogurt to enrich her batter (in the place of black and white’s buttermilk) and as the base of her bright pink glaze. To truly make your cookies the prettiest in the land, Yeh recommends topping with pistachios or (even more magical) sprinkles.

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And just when I thought I’d seen it all, yogurt takes the cake, er, cookie.

What’s your favorite way to use yogurt? Share in the comments below!


Ann F. August 23, 2018
Can I use my own homemade yogurt in place of store bought and can I also add some almond extract to the cookie if I decrease the vanilla by the same amount?
Author Comment
Katie M. August 24, 2018
Hi Ann Frances! Totally fine on the extract swap and the homemade yogurt should work, too. (Ideally it's whole-milk, since that's what the recipe was tested with.) If you give it a go, let us know how they turn out!
Jolie March 24, 2018
So, if I do half brown sugar and add chocolate chip cookies, will they still be soft and cakey?
Author Comment
Katie M. March 28, 2018
Hi Jolie,<br />I think that adding another cookie will definitely impact the texture... but let me know if you try it out!
Jolie March 28, 2018
Oops... I meant add "chocolate chips"...duh.
Author Comment
Katie M. March 29, 2018
Ah, sorry! I don't think that they'll be *as cakey* but I think they'll still be soft cookies. Let me know how it goes :)
Margaret March 22, 2018
These look yummy! Can I use goat's milk kefir (only a little more liquid than regular yogurt), and fresh strawberries?
Author Comment
Katie M. March 28, 2018
Hi Margaret! I think the goat's milk kefir should work, but you'll want to drain some of the liquid so that it's similar consistency to whole milk yogurt. Also, fresh strawberries probably won't work because they'll introduce too much liquid into the glaze. If you'd like to substitute the dried raspberries with dried strawberries, that should work!
erin March 22, 2018
Could I do full fat greek yogurt and a mix is almond flour/coconut flour?<br />
Author Comment
Katie M. March 28, 2018
Hi Erin, <br />You might need to thin the greek yogurt out with milk to get the same consistency as whole milk yogurt, but I think it should work! As for almond flour/coconut flour, that should also be fine—I recommend reading this first!
MJ March 18, 2018
How can I use fresh raspberries instead?
Katie M. March 22, 2018
How did the fresh Raspberries go?
Author Comment
Katie M. March 28, 2018
Hi there, MJ! I don't think that fresh raspberries will work because they'll add too much moisture to the glaze. I'd recommend either dehydrating the raspberries in an oven on low heat for a few hours then making your own powder, or simply making the glaze sans raspberries (definitely easier). Let me know how it works out!