2 Sparkling Cocktails to Up Your Weekend Brunch Game

May 17, 2018

Spring and summer bring on all kinds of get-togethers. We've partnered with Smirnoff Red, White, & Berry to help you bring your entertaining game to the next level with easy, impressive cocktail recipes.

It’s a universal truth that all festive cocktails have bubbles. And isn’t brunch an inherently festive occasion?

Ever since the invention of the mimosa, brunch has been the realm of fruity, sparkling drinks. But there’s no reason not to get a bit more creative than orange juice and Champagne. Spike your bubbles with a vibrantly flavored vodka and fresh citrus instead, and you’ve got lively, food friendly cocktails that pair perfectly with any brunch spread, from light fruit-and-veg dishes to the kind of bacon-and-egg brunches that require a nap immediately afterwards.

Here, we're sharing two refreshing cocktails you can serve up at brunch or any summer cocktail party.

Photo by Julia Gartland

Berry French 75

A classic French 75 is made with gin (or Cognac), plus lemon and sparkling wine, but other spirits work well here, too—there’s not much that isn’t improved by citrus and bubbles. Here, the citrus-berry notes of the flavored vodka get a tart lift from the lemon, and lightened up with a big pour of sparkling wine. For this drink in particular, we recommend a French sparkling rather than an Italian Prosecco or Spanish cava. (No need for true Champagne, though; an inexpensive Crémant de Limoux will do nicely.)

Citrus-Mint Sparkler

Tart, tangy grapefruit always shines in cocktails. In this sparkling drink, it’s a great bitter balance to the berry-sweet vodka, with bubbles to fancy it up. Don’t skip the garnish; a big mint sprig adds an herbal aroma that’s a beautiful match for the varied fruit flavors. (Wine-wise, there’s no need for anything too special occassion; a good Cava will work great.)

Do you have any favorite crowd-friendly cocktail recipes? Share them in the comments!

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