A Très Unexpected Way to Devour Potato Chips

April 24, 2018

This recipe and edited excerpt comes from the cookbook Tasting Paris by Clotilde Dusoulier, who you may know from her blog Chocolate & Zucchini. The cookbook takes us into what French cuisine looks like today. Her deviled avocadoes are vegan, but the following dish is definitely not.

This omelet is on the menu at Lazare, the classic French restaurant that Michelin-starred chef Éric Frechon runs within Paris’s Saint-Lazare train station. As is the fashion in modern brasseries, Lazare features a semainier—a roster of seven dishes each available one day a week. It's a clever way to build anticipation, as well as encourage customers to come back again and again until their collection is complete.

Potato chip omelette! C'est magnifique! Photo by Julia Gartland

Thursday is lapin à la casserole (braised rabbit), and Friday is brandade de morue (salt cod gratin). Come Saturday, the kitchen is ready to roll out potato chip omelettes to eager diners and their offspring.

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I had you at “potato chip,” right?

So I imagine I don’t have to sell you too hard on the idea of this dish. It’s an easy one to make at home, and the perfect use for the crushed bits of chips at the bottom of the bag. (A recipe tester who shall remain anonymous said it was excellent hangover food.)

This recipe halves easily, and works best with thicker chips. Feel free to play around with different flavors. Don't add salt to the eggs, as potato chips are typically salty, but adjust the seasoning if you are using low-salt chips. Since I like my omelette baveuse (still a little runny in the middle), the recipe reflects that.

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    Joanna Sciarrino
Clotilde Dusoulier is a French food writer based in Paris. Her focus is on fresh, colorful, and seasonal foods, making room for both wholesome, nourishing dishes and sweet treats. An enthusiastic explorer of flavors and observer of culinary trends, she contributes to international food and travel magazines, and writes cookbooks and guidebooks. She lives in the Montmartre neighborhood of Paris with her boyfriend and their young son.


Matt April 25, 2018
This is just matzo brie
Joanna S. April 24, 2018
This is so great, Clotilde! A perfect combination of two perfect foods. Can't wait to try it this weekend :)