Devil Your Avocado—It's the Parisian Way

April  4, 2018

This recipe and excerpt comes from the cookbook Tasting Paris by Clotilde Dusoulier, who you may know from her blog Chocolate & Zucchini. We're big fans of her yogurt cake and seaweed tartare—so we're beyond thrilled about these...

Deviled Avocados! Photo by Luzena Adams

A quote about them from our Marketing Coordinator, Danielle Curtis-Williams: "I was surprised by the richness of flavor and how filling the snack was. It tasted like the best deviled egg I've ever had, but better, because there is avocado involved."

Paris used to be a hostile place for vegetarians—let alone vegans. Outside of a handful of vegetarian restaurants, waiters and chefs had no idea what plant-based eating was about. Restaurant menus were devoid of meat-free options, and vegetarians had to settle for a hodgepodge of sides or a bowl of soup.

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The Paris food scene experienced a historic shift toward vegetables around the turn of the twentieth century; chef Alain Passard led the charge with a disruptive all-vegetable menu served at his three-star restaurant. It is now common to find inspired vegetarian courses at contemporary bistros, and the city is peppered with restaurants devoted to plant-based dining, the kind where you can take your omnivore friends and not have them notice the absence of meat.

Chief among them is gastro-vegan restaurant Le Potager de Charlotte, where a signature appetizer is the avocat facon oeuf mimosa, a “deviled egg” avocado with turmeric-yellow hummus taking the place of the mashed yolk, and toasted squash seeds for crunch.

I serve a bunch of them on a platter, with spoons for eating, for brunch; they look so appetizing and are always the first item to disappear.

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Clotilde Dusoulier is a French food writer based in Paris. Her focus is on fresh, colorful, and seasonal foods, making room for both wholesome, nourishing dishes and sweet treats. An enthusiastic explorer of flavors and observer of culinary trends, she contributes to international food and travel magazines, and writes cookbooks and guidebooks. She lives in the Montmartre neighborhood of Paris with her boyfriend and their young son.


Peppa April 4, 2018
With all due respect, from where do French people import their avocados? Because this sounds like a horrible thing to do to that wonderful fruit.
Kt4 April 5, 2018
I don't see anything wrong with it. Sounds interesting to me.