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Grab Your Sheet Pan, We've Got a 20-Minute Chicken Dinner

April 25, 2018

It’s no secret I love sheet-pan dinners. They’re last-minute, do-it-all meals that come with the added bonus of easy cleanup. They’re a busy (and hungry) cook’s best friend. Which is probably why Food52 favorite Melissa Clark’s got a soft spot for them, too.

In her latest book, Favorite Recipes from Melissa Clark's Kitchen, Clark (with the aid of a sheet pan) transforms kitchen staples of chicken, apples, and coriander into a satisfying dinner in just 20 minutes.

Yes, 20 minutes! Photo by Julia Gartland

“The beauty of this recipe is not just the gorgeous melding of flavors, but how quickly and easily I can throw it together all year round,” she writes. “Cut into finger-size strips, the chicken and very thinly sliced apples cook in only twenty minutes, during which time they miraculously produce a pan sauce that is fragrant and heady. “

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To give the chicken an extra dimension, Clark adds a cilantro and coriander seeds with a splash (okay, maybe two splashes) of gin.

“[When developing this recipe] I tipped in some vermouth from the too-tall bottle in the fridge, and was about to stick everything in the oven when I started to worry that the subtle flavor of vermouth wouldn’t be lively enough to lift the dish. Then I remembered the words of my father when he counseled me on zipping up a scallop pan roast. ‘Gin,’ he said, ‘makes everything taste better.’”

The result—a juicy, saucy chicken that’s just waiting for a thick slice of crusty bread (or a bowl of rice if you don’t mind making it). And maybe a gin and tonic, but that could just be me.

What’s your favorite sheet-pan dinner? Share your recipes or ideas in the comments below!

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