Coq Au Vin Meets Sheet Pan in This Easy, Warm Weather Take

May  7, 2018

Coq au vin always feels to me like a dish for sharing. During the 80s and 90s, it was a dinner party staple, often served alongside a potato dish with sufficient cream and butter to match the richness of the red wine chicken dish, like a dauphinoise, with another glass of red wine to drink for good measure. It almost became too popular for its own good.

When I lived in Northern France in the 90's, I realized there's more variety to the dish than I thought. I noted regional versions using white wines, like a coq au riesling in Alsace; once I even spotted coq au Champagne. It struck me that a lighter, more Spring-like version is certainly doable.

Meet coq au vin's type B sister. Photo by Julia Gartland

Using white wine instead of red results in a much perkier dish. The white wine compliments the saltiness of the bacon and the buttery mushrooms and white beans. Sweet and succulent roasted shallots play well with the chicken thighs. A regular coq au vin might intensely please the palate, but this one is more of a taste bud tickler—the happy-go-lucky, "let's enjoy life" younger sister to the original.

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This dish has been enjoyed by my family for years and years. Over time, we've added or subtracted ingredients. The sheet pan version was a result of my needing to put dinner on the table in a speedy, not-too-expensive fashion on weeknights. But it's elegant enough to wow the dinner party circuit, too. Serve it with a salad tossed with an apple cider vinegar–based dressing for a perfect taste combination. As the temperatures get warmer and the days longer, this dish will be a fantastic option for family meals and gatherings with friends.

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