Martha Stewart's Super Famous One-Pot Pasta, Warm Weather Edition

May 22, 2018

Pasta was a once-a-week affair in my childhood home. My mom would make beautiful Bolognese sauce in the winter, and me, being a picky eater, opted for margarine and cheese instead (!). But in the spring and summer, there was one style I never said no to, and that was pasta primavera. It was like the plain pasta I loved, plus sweet vegetables. This was probably my mother’s way to sneak some nutrition into my diet.

Might we interest you in a burger?

With my picky eating ways far behind me, I now make my own version of pasta primavera, packing in as many vegetables as I can, and I do so more efficiently, using Martha Stewart’s legendary one-pot technique. As resident Genius Kristen Miglore says, "You've probably already cooked it (or at least thought about it). After Martha Stewart Living magazine published the recipe in June 2013, it splashed all over the internet (including right here, sploosh)."

But cooking pasta primavera the Martha Stewart way isn’t just about less cleanup—this method totally infuses the pasta with the taste of the vegetables. The lemon and basil really pop, as does the Parmesan. I’ve left margarine in my past, and now include butter to finish the pasta once all the liquid has been absorbed.

It's *not* just about efficiency. Photo by Bobbi Lin

You don’t have to be a picky eater to love this dish, so waste no time and head to your farmers market, while asparagus and peas are at their freshest.

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