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One-Pan Pork Chops for the Hungry & Harried

June  5, 2018

Sometimes, you just crave a pork roast. For me, it’s at the end of a long day—the ones where I’m so busy I breeze past lunch and all of a sudden it’s 7 o’clock. I dream of satisfying, tender slices complete with a heaping side of vegetables. The kind of dinner that refuels and recharges me.

The last thing I want? To wait hours for the dang thing to cook.

“But, Katie!” you cry. “That’s what an Instant-Pot is for!” And as much as I wish I could join y'all, I don’t have the space in my teeny kitchen. Instead, I have a sheet pan.

Forget the pot—pan life's pretty great, too. Photo by Rocky Luten

And that’s all I need, according to the editors of America’s Test Kitchen. In their latest guide to speedy dinners, Dinner Illustrated: 175 Meals Ready in 1 Hour or Less, they have developed a recipe for sheet pan pork chops that packs all the satisfaction of a roast dinner in a third of the time:

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“Thick-cut bone-in pork chops deliver the succulence of a larger roast but cook in just 10 to 15 minutes, making them the perfect weeknight treat.”

Another speedy dinner option!

You’ll need a hot hot oven to whip up dinner so quickly, 450° F. And to ensure the chops don’t dry out (shudder) make sure they measure between 1 and 1 1/2 inches thick. Also, let them rest for 5 to 10 minutes after cooking.

The entire meal takes an hour, and you’re rewarded with a plate full of hearty roasted root vegetables, juicy pork, and bold parsley vinaigrette. A pretty great way to end a long weekday.

What's your favorite weeknight wonder dinner? Share recipes in the comments!

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FrugalCat June 9, 2018
I didn't have fennel, so I used celery. I also added some sliced onions. Came out flavorful and juicy.