Our Most Popular Onion Dip (Ever!) Stars Sweet Caramelized Onions

June  7, 2018

As Food52 gets older (and wiser), and our archive of recipes grows, we’re making the effort to revisit some gold recipes. Today, we're reacquainting you with an onion dip that's perfect for summer's bold flavors.

Whether it’s a pool party or picnic or lazy beach day, it seems like every weekend in June, July, and August is packed with laid-back, sun-soaked parties. And I’m not complaining! I love summer get-togethers. They’re casual and spontaneous. Everyone pitches in, providing drinks and snacks and sunscreen.

But after one too many parties where people only packed booze, I always make sure to bring along chips and dip. Yes, not all heroes wear capes.

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Most of the time, I pop into a convenience store on my way to the meet-up. But sometimes, when I have enough advance notice, I blend, blitz, or whip up a creamy dip of my own. And when I'm really organized and have the time, I make the easiest dip of all: caramelized onion.

It’s such a simple and delicious recipe that pairs equally well with potato chips or a raw vegetable platter. When Food52 co-founders Amanda and Merrill first tried it years ago, they were blown away by its flavor:

Patience pays off here—take your time caramelizing the onions. First, the onions will give off a lakeful of liquid. Let it boil off slowly, and by the time the onions begin to caramelize—it took ours at least an hour—they'll be as soft as pudding and deeply concentrated in flavor. Their sweetness infuses the entire dip, and while the rest of the ingredients are the classic onion dip foundation—sour cream, cream cheese, and chives—this one will be better than any you've had before.

A bold claim! But time is the magic ingredient that takes this dip over the edge.

A couple of notes: Make sure to use Spanish onions or the dip will taste too sweet. Also, feel free to cut back on the ingredients. Amanda and Merrill halved the recipe and had plenty for 6 to 8 (not ravenous) dip eaters.

What do you like to bring to summer get-togethers? Dish in the comments below!

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HalfPint June 13, 2018
Can someone post a really good recipe for clam dip? I left New England many moons ago, but I am always drawn back to its food. Lately, I've been hankering for Ruffles potato chips and clam dip. Seems to be unheard of in California and I get blank looks whenever I ask.