17 Ways to Eat Chips & Dip for Dinner

June 13, 2016

Summer: season of flip flops, of sand in your sheets, of park hangouts and dinners on the front step, of cold beers, of eating chips and dip for dinner. Yes, you could do that last one any time of year—but there's no time it feels more appropriate than the sticky nights you get home from work, change into a pair of shorts, and head for the nearest outdoor spot. Nothing fancy. No rules. It's one small way to feel like it's summer vacation, even if you're well beyond your school break!!!! years.

We don't need to tell you about the chip situation; you almost certainly have a favorite and we don't want to box you in—want to use seedy crackers, soft (or crispy, baked!) triangles of pita, corn chips, rosemary-scented potato chips, apple chips, kale chips, roti? Be our guest. But make a heck of dip to serve them with.

Here are 17:

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Zensister June 14, 2016
Tuna salad with corn chips. It used to be Fritos, but the Trader Joe's version are so much better.
Mary J. June 13, 2016
We have Concerts in the Park starting soon. These will be perfect.
Caroline L. June 13, 2016
i LOVE concerts in the park! you've made me want to seek some out. thank you!