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Rosé Can Chicken, We've Been Waiting for You

June 14, 2018
That’s not a Budweiser. Photo by Rocky Luten

The millennial pink beverage that fuels summer by the glassful and floods your Instagram feed annually is now sold in a can. (Honestly, what took so long?) And not only is rosé in a can perfect for traveling, ideal for picnics, and easily shareable, it’s also the ideal candidate to update another summertime staple: beer can chicken.

As you may already know, I’m a bit rosé-obsessed. Here’s proof. When I first spotted a frosty can of rose chillaxing in the cooler at my local wine shop, I had to give it a try. For $4.99, why not? It tasted good enough for me (to be honest, I’m easy to please in the wine department), but more so I loved the convenience of it, or should I say can-venience.

After enjoying my first can (and no, I did not pour it into a glass) the idea of rosé can chicken popped into my head. I’m not quite sure if it was the wine buzz or a stroke of genius that prompted the notion but, regardless, I knew I had to give it a try.

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To stay true to rosé’s French origins, I decided to rub the chicken with a mixture of butter and Dijon mustard. Not only is this delicious, but also I find that the mustard adheres to the chicken better than just butter. And to give the chicken a little more délicatesse, a heaping handful of herbs de Provence was in order. I also added a few cloves of garlic, some tarragon and thyme to the can of rosé to really intensify the flavor. I wiggled the dressed chicken on top of the herb-filled can and shoved it into the oven to roast.

The overwhelming aroma is reason enough to make this recipe. The combination of roast chicken, savory mustard, and wine (mmm, wine) wafting through the air is truly compelling. And the result of the dish is even better. The chicken comes out of the oven with irresistibly crispy skin. And, after being rosé-basted from within, the chicken’s herbaceous, wine-laced flavor is heaven on a plate—especially with a chilled glass (or can!) of rosé in hand.

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Top Comment:
“Looks amazing! Where can I find the knife and carving fork? ”
— Michael

Oh, and here’s a helpful tip. Can’t find rosé in a can? Totally fine. Just empty a soda or beer can and fill it two-thirds of the way with rosé. Voila! Just like that, everything's coming up rosé.

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Are you a rosé fanatic, too? Let us know in the comments below!

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BerkeleyFarm June 15, 2019
Oh my. This sounds ... amazing.
Michael June 16, 2018
Looks amazing! Where can I find the knife and carving fork?
Eric K. June 14, 2018
I love you, Rosé Can Chicken.
Erin A. June 14, 2018
Yes. Yes. Everything about this. Yes.