This Millennial Pink—Can I Eat It? (Yes, in 11 Ways)

March 30, 2017

On Tuesday, our own Mayukh Sen wrote about the pale pink color that's stubbornly managed to stay in our cultural imagination (and made its way to our clothes and dishes). What is it about this hue that is so attractive? Is it how it manages to be neutral yet full of character? Is "millennial pink," as it is commonly referred to as, really generational, or is pink finally getting the respect and attention it deserves, after so many years of being condescendingly dismissed as "girly"? It's the color that's launching a hundred think pieces.

Well, we're here to provide you with the eat piece. I apologize in advance to Heather Schwedel who (rightly) argued in Slate's XX Factor that not every shade of light pink is millennial pink. But when it comes to food this delectable, a few variations of shade can't stop us. Here's a zeitgeist-y idea: Throw a pale pink–themed dinner party or potluck—pinkluck? no?—and make these things.

Have any recipe ideas for pale pink food? Share them in the comments!

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Lucy September 5, 2017
Would you be so kind as to tell us how soon we might be able to purchase this lovely chocolate and through whom?
Pomme D. March 30, 2017
I'd love to have a pink dinner party-- though i'm a bit older than millenial! Thank you for elegant pinks...Pasta with creamy pink vodka sauce might not be out of place either.
Nikkitha B. March 31, 2017
Oh, there's certainly no age restriction to the color! It's a sort of running joke that it even has that moniker. Seconded on the vodka sauce pasta. Your party sounds like it will be epic - I envy anyone with an invite.
Lucy September 5, 2017
I think your idea of the pink vodka pasta sauce is stupendous! True Genius.