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June 28, 2018

Are you ready to create the world’s best wooden spoon? Because that’s what we have in store for the next product in our line. As wooden spoon collectors, burners, and fusspots ourselves, we know you’re going to have a lot of ideas to share.

This time, though, we’re doing it differently. Instead of asking you questions, we’d like you to share a photo or video (or both, if you’re a multimedia type!) of your favorite wooden spoon. Tell us why it’s so great: Is it the type of wood? The shape? The length? We can’t wait to see all of your spoons!

Share your wooden spoons on Instagram and tag us @Food52 and #F52BYYOU. Or, you can send your photos to [email protected].

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In the meantime, take a look at some of the great feedback we've gotten so far:

Don't forget to share your wooden spoons on Instagram and tag us @Food52 and #F52BYYOU. Or, you can send your photos to [email protected].

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babylaurel July 1, 2018
Please, please, please don’t make another handist spoon! I grow weary explaining the problems right handed spoons create for me to the general public. I just want to stir!!!!
ktr July 2, 2018
I agree. My son is starting to help me in the kitchen and he is left handed. I don't want to keep right and left handed utensils in the kitchen, nor do I have room to have 2 of everything.

Also, I’d prefer a fairly sharp edge on the end of the spoon and more squared off than round so I can scrape the bottom of my pan. Right now I usually use a metal spatula for cooking and then have to use a spoon to get everything out of the pan. If they could be morphed into one utensil that would be perfect for me.
Amanda H. July 5, 2018
We will not be handist! We hear you!
babylaurel July 5, 2018
Thanks!!! <3
20ozMocha June 29, 2018
So many spoons presume everyone is right handed. The other giant failing of wooden spoons is being too short to stir a pot of pasta without steaming knuckles into blisters. Its rare I find a good wooden spoon that doesn't fall on its face for one of these two reasons. I can get bamboo spoons from local kitchen shop for $2.50 that work great on all counts, but I long for a really fancy, pretty wooden spoon. Real Milk Paint did a drawing for a Michigan Sloyd spoon- those are the ones I drool over.
Amanda H. July 5, 2018
Thank you for these details!
Laura June 29, 2018
My mom's wooden spoon has a very shallow (almost flat) bowl/head which is perfect for handmixing dough and thick mixes while preventing them from getting stuck in the bowl of the spoon, and scraping the sides of the mixing bowl.
Amanda H. July 5, 2018
Really interesting observation -- thank you.
Phyllis June 29, 2018
Personally, don't care for wooden spoons, too much maintenance. Hard to clean, if left unattended. Love the new silicone ones.
Amanda H. July 5, 2018
Thanks Phyllis. I use silicone for some things but love the way a wooden spoon feels and ages!
Patty June 29, 2018
Put a side slat/slot on it. Then you can either drain or retain.
Amanda H. July 5, 2018
Ahh, good idea. Thank you.
Joyceski June 29, 2018
Yes, if you're making a new side-specific spoon, also do a lefty spoon!
Amanda H. July 5, 2018
As a fellow lefty, your thoughts are noted and appreciated!
Janet June 29, 2018
Will the angles and curves be difficult for left-handers?
Amanda H. July 5, 2018
We don't know what design we're going with yet, so we'll keep this in mind. I'm also a leftie!