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Big News: You Can Now Review Products in Our Shop!

July 11, 2018

If you've spent any time over in the Shop, you know it's a veritable trove of fun and useful products for the kitchen, home, and beyond. And as our selection grows (we're at 2,210 items and counting!), you might find yourself hoping for a little extra advice on how to navigate it all (Which nonstick pan is best for cooking eggs? What's a great gift for a beginner cook?). To help with that, we’re introducing a new feedback feature on all the products we sell.

You’ll now see reviews and ratings pop up on everything in our Shop—all shared by you, our community (see more on that process below). We’re so excited to give you a new way to share your feedback. Like with recipes and articles, we'll be looking to the community's feedback to help us curate what we're offering and inform what we feature in the future.

Hi! I'm new around here. Let's be friends.

Now's your chance: Submit a 1- to 5-star rating and share your thoughts to help fellow shoppers find just the right things for their kitchens and homes.

You can now read what everyone else has to say about their recent purchases.

If you want to easily review everything you’ve purchased, click here to view all of your eligible products. You'll see a dashboard like the one below. (And if something is missing, it’s likely because we no longer sell that particular version of the item.)

You, too, can chime in on the products that you've purchased directly on our site.

How Did We Get Here?

In May, we launched a test that allowed shoppers to submit reviews on Food52. In order to ensure review integrity, only verified shoppers could leave a review. This means that all reviews are from folks who have purchased and received their product from us directly. And while that might mean fewer reviews, we’re opting for quality over quantity. With today’s launch, we’ll continue to share only verified shopper reviews (they will say “verified purchase"), so you know they're from actual owners who have shopped at Food52.

Since Food52 has community at its core, when you write a review, we display your username as shown in your community profile. You can edit that at any time here on your profile or on your product reviews page. Rest assured that by default, we anonymize to first name and last initial. If you change your mind about a review, you have the option to delete it on the product reviews page.

This feature will roll out slowly over the coming weeks. To everyone who has written a review, we say thank you. Happy reviewing!

The Product Team at Food52

A Well-Reviewed Classic, if There Ever Was One

Let us know what you think about this new feature—and tell us about your favorite Food52 products below.

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Beth January 21, 2023
BUYER BEWARE! I ordered several items in mid-Nov for Christmas gifts. After several delivery dates came and went - with no delivery- I was just informed that item not in stock. At same time items were shown on web site as available. Second time this has happened. Never again.
Butterfingers October 14, 2019
Not Big News..... Oh, Food52, do you really have to amp up the Life of Things. ? Is this really how you want your online community to spend its time. Granted, I remember Amanda's ode to the spoon with the hole in it, from the _Times_ magazine (I think.... home magazine?.....) years ago. Fine and well. So too for _The Cooks' Catalogue_. But to stoke excitement about reviewing things? Amazon-like? It feels so much like a focus group feature that's a sop to your VCs. Honestly, I like to think of your site as a cooking site, not a housewares site. Doesn't Amanda's own daughter refer to her as a cook, in the Zuñi tuna video. ? I'm not liking this "HeyheyheyLet'sGetSuperExcitedAboutStuff!" approach. (I obsess over bakeware and the like as much as the next person, but given how brainy the founders are, the whole Stuff approach would be more interesting if the materials and packaging signaled a departure. Cradle to Cradle housewares, for example, that kind of thing. I recently worked on a recycling education campaign, and could not look at Ziploc bags the same way afterwards. Could not buy another plastic shower curtain --- found a sail company and had them make one a washable, reusable, long-lasting curtain for me (hey! an idea for your site, free). We don't need another WilliamsSonomaSurLaTableMarthaStewartDonnaHay online store. Do we? I think not.
kate September 18, 2018
I love this feature - will be very helpful, but I'm having trouble seeing other people's reviews in the shop. Where can I find these?