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This Corny "Ketchup" Will Make Everything Taste Like Summer

August 15, 2018

Every so often, we scour the site for cool recipes from our community that we then test, photograph, and feature. This corny ketchup comes from longtime Food52er savorthis.

August is prime time for sweet corn, eaten on the cob, in salads and soups. But one thing we haven't done with corn is turn it into a smooth, creamy condiment that makes everything taste like summer. Until now.

So good you'll be tempted to double dip. Photo by Ty Mecham

Genius, right? But how did savorthis even come up with the idea? She explains that its origins lie in a creamy, corn soup:

A few summers ago, I became enamored with a simple, sweet corn soup. It was equally good slurped hot or cold, alone or paired with spicy lemongrass sausage or grilled chicken or a bright, herb-y salad. On one occasion, I decided to take that sweet corn concept in a new direction attempted to invent a corn condiment of sorts. I took the lazy path, simply blending an array of aromatics and tangy ingredients, and was pleased with the result, which I ate on a spicy sausage sandwich. However, I knew I wanted to try again—this time, I would strain and thicken the mixture into a smooth ketchup.

By blending lightly caramelized shallots and garlic with fresh corn purée, coconut milk, spices, and vinegar, and then reducing and thickening, you're left with a sweet, tangy sauce that just right for dunking sweet potato fries or crudités. Or for slathering on sandwiches, like a banh mi or a tomato tartine. It's the perfect way to squeeze summer's gold into every last second of the season.

More corn?

Tell us: What's your most favoritest way to enjoy sweet corn?

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Peggy G. September 5, 2020
I agree on wanting the corn soup recipe,
Andrea H. August 16, 2018
This looks amazing! What about the corn soup recipe?
Lindsay-Jean H. August 20, 2018
I checked with the recipe author and she hasn't documented the soup recipe—yet. Fingers crossed that she will, but here's one to tide you over:
Sean B. August 15, 2018
This is ingenious -- I can't wait to try!
Lindsay-Jean H. August 15, 2018
Right!? So smart. Report back once you do!