The 15 Soups & Stews We’re Pulling Out for Sweater Weather

September 19, 2018

Let's be real: September feels like an extension of summer. Temperature-wise, anyway. The trees are green, I’m sweating on my walks to work, and my roommate refuses to turn off our A/C and open a window. Right now, I’m still looking for no-cook recipes and holding off on retiring my shorts.

But one day, sooner than later, the breeze will get nippy. The trees will burn orange and red before carpeting dormant grass. The days will get shorter, and instead of spending time outdoors, I’ll want to hover over the heat of a stove.

And when September's sweater weather actually arrives, I'll pull out my comfiest knits and cuddle up to a big pot of soup or stew. Here's what I plan on making:

Or give this a try

What's your favorite sweater-weather meal? Share in the comments below!


Katherine October 15, 2018
Well, I live in AZ, so I will try to remember what I loved in colder climates. Though I have cut down on meat considerably, I still love beef bourguignon. First I turn on the glass lights to set an atmosphere. Then I start peeling and browning and smelling all those wonderful aromas. Or actually, just as happy with a great vegetable beef soup. I roast the bones and vegies, along with some meat and get the additional carmelized flavors. Really, almost any rich and wonderful soup -- especially old fashioned family traditions. Mom's Brunswick stew, Gramma's yellow pea and ham soup. I could go on. I make these things here on occasion but it's not the same as coming in from shovelling snow and enjoying the warmth and comforts of home.
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Katie M. October 16, 2018
haha I completely understand! When I lived in Louisiana, we'd make winter-y food in 75°F all the time!
Deborah K. September 21, 2018
Another great autumn/winter stew is the Pork and Pumpkin Stew from the Burma Superstar cookbook. I don't even really like squash in savory things, but that recipe is truly delicious. (Well, actually EVERYTHING in that book is delicious.)
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Katie M. October 16, 2018
That sounds so yum and cozy!
Kristin September 19, 2018
September feels like summer because it IS summer! The season doesn't change to fall until the 22nd.
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Katie M. September 20, 2018
True ;) We have two more days!